Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Am Weary, A-weary..

I am so tired today. Picking my way through small and completely unrewarding, unstimulating tasks, in this humidity I am soon cold and clammy to the touch. There seems no end to minutiae. Fluff-wads have accumulated around the skirting board, the flow of washing, drying, tumble-drying is unremitting. I have a dull headache and my eyes seem worse today. The weather is grey, interspersed with downpours of monsoon proportions. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do that we have not done to the point of boredom. Hence I am sitting here, moaning and blogging - bloaning, mogging whatever.
Today is already a day of epic caffeine consumption: a six-cup pot is on the hob and I have already consumed one two-cup pot and a mug of instant. No wonder I have a headache. Palpitations before noon, I suppose.
The good news is that I've only got 35 lines of translation to do. Eminently achievable. Hooray!
I am going to set-to after my next cup of coffee and press on until it's completed. then I'm going out!

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