Tuesday, September 29, 2009

..and then they all come at once!

Things never seem to occur singly: within the space of one month I found a £20 note fluttering down the street (hooray), was informed that, as I had reached 50 years of age, I could take my pension as a lump sum (double hooray - it paid off my student account overdraft), and that I had been awarded funding for the remainder of my PhD (triple hooray....still can't quite believe it). On the down-side my Ma AND Pa-in-law both had accidents that necessitated hospitalisation (the latter's being a lot more serious than the former's)...we're awaiting a third occurrence. And today chez nous we have a broken kitchen hot tap (very difficult to rinse grease off plates), a dishwasher whose heater element has given up heating (so HOW do we do the washing-up?) and the Husband's rear bike tyre exploded whilst he was riding to work! All the last three can fortunately be coped with thanks to the fact that I am now in receipt of my 'stipend', but it's not exactly what I envisaged spending it on! And looking grey-faced at the latest credit card bill my other half voiced his gratitude that I was 'now in a position to help out'. Fan-flaming-tastic.

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Anonymous said...

Congratuations of the funding for your PhD! Yes, I suddenly found myself in the same or similar boat. I had approached the AHRC for funding, was told it was very unlikely I'd get a penny and then they promised me £43,000 for the remainder of my PhD. So I quit my job and found fresh vigour.

I note we are both Theology & Religious Studies based - though my emphasis is social science based, as opposed to pure theology. I would be interested to know how the doctoral process is going with you!

I closed my previous blog because I got too many oddbods commenting and it became wearisome. However I have decided to use my blog to offload on the subject of the PhD - which seems to take over my life (and perhaps rightly so) at present.