Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sky Tours

The 'Sky' man is here at the moment, nailing a satellite dish to the external wall, so what with the drilling and banging and to-ing and fro-ing the atmosphere is not conducive to calm, rational or intellectual thought. I am ambivalent about the whole satellite TV thing and have no great desire to have x number of telly channels to go at. The bright-eyed boy however is beside himself with excitement and has been counting the days off until the installation. The husband too - a bit of a gadget enthusiast - seems to be Quite Keen on the whole thing (obviously, as he's the one who has arranged it all). I think that I see a satellite dish on the side of the house as a bit of a Mark of Shame ('here's a family who spend an unconscionable amount of time sat in front of the box'). There are very few programmes that I will put myself out to watch, or record, certainlyI NEVER watch films on the telly, or DVD as my attention span is too short and they're Not Real, are they? If anyone starts to relate the plot of a film to me, my eyes glaze over and I feel myself losing the will to live. Funnily enough, I DO enjoy going out to the small cinema in town, probably because it's rather lively and cool with its integral wine bar and bistro - it's a very pleasant social experience. I have to admit that it'll be nice to watch the more esoteric sports. and it has been a source of annoyance that the terrestrial channels have never shown the Giro d'Italia or the Tour of Spain. So we could watch the rest of the current Tour de France on Eurosport but as my husband says, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin's commentary has been such a part of our summer lives for so long that to change now would feel like a betrayal. It was during the second week of the Tour ten years ago that the bright-eyed boy made it obvious that he was about to make his way into the world. Fortunately, we managed to watch the remainder of the highlights before whipping off into hospital. Within 48 hours we were back in front of the peloton, slack-jawed with babe in arms.

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