Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Academic Term

First day of the school term and the children, looking as smart as they ever get, happily trot off.
I sit at my computer, black coffee at my elbow with a tremendous sense of relief, well-being and achievement. The sun is actually shining for once and the whole day has an autumny feel to it. Oh the excitement of packing the new pencil cases! Oh the bag full of books! Oh the tingle of anticipation and fear at the unknown!
And this year it applies to me too! Unlike last year, when my MA was moving into its final month and I felt rather gloomy (see 'Nostalgia and Melancholy' August 29th 2007), I am feeling somewhat perkier. Despite not receiving any funding for my proposed doctoral study, I have decided to firmly commit myself to doing it part-time.
The more I think about the part-time option, the better and better it gets. More time, less pressure. Brilliant!
Best of all is the unexpected boost to my self-esteem: now I can label myself, to 'name' what I am (I have been reading Doris Lessing recently), which didn't strike me as important until it seemed that the PhD was slipping off-screen.

So that's me then....a 'doctoral student'. Yes, I like the sound of that! And I can update my profile to boot. Hooray!

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