Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Draws On

Well, this month has just flown by! The children are settled into their new routines, the weather is rather wonderfully Autumnal; misty mornings, heavy dews, sunlight filtering through the changing leaves....we even have grapes turning purple on the vine. I am trying to get my head around copious amounts of reading matter, mostly for my doctoral studies which kick off in earnest at the end of the month with a post-grad induction day. I am feeling rather nervous about it - not only is there a three-and-a-half hour train journey to get to my new university (lots of potential for being late and getting flustered), but I'll be meeting lots of new people and having to talk off-the-cuff about myself and my proposed PhD: not something I'm terrifically good at. I am excited, of course, but it's debatable whether the nerves or the excitement is winning. To this end I have invested in my own copy of Susan Jeffers' 'Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway' which I have found tremendously useful for boosting self-confidence and calming nervousness in the past. Just reading her soothing prose makes me realise that everyone's nervous most of the time in new situations: I just have to tell myself that I can handle anything that comes my way. So I will!

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