Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Student days

I actually like living in an area where there is a large proportion of students. I like their cheerfulness and apparent energy. I also like the fact that they are a transient population, so they never get too annoying with their thoughtlessly noisy nocturnal habits and careless parking. Sometimes I feel that I'm living in a time-lapse film: they arrive with parents; unpack; leave for uni.; come home; party; have friends over; celebrate; pack up; leave with parents - then it all starts over again in September! A constant source of amusement is to watch the freshers buying up stocks of 'real' CocaCola, Heinz beans, McVities digestives, Fairy washing-up liquid at the beginning of the academic year and gradually watch these choices being exchanged for supermarket own-brand items by its end. Ah me! You can't put a fiscally old head on optimistic young shoulders.

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