Friday, September 21, 2007

Is my baby perfect? Probably not....

OMG! I'm SO proud of my new baby! It's A4, green and beautiful! But as yet I've not had the overwhelming desire to check it all over for flaws and blemishes, to count its metaphorical toes to ensure that all is present and correct. In fact, I am exceedingly reluctant to open the front cover and start to read the words that its taken me the best part of a year to write. Why is that, I wonder? Well, like all those people who are reluctant to go to the doctor just in case he/she finds something REALLY wrong with them, I am terrified that on reading my magnum opus it turns out to be complete and utter drivelly, illogical CRAP! Now that I excercise no editorial power over it, I am loath to be confronted by my own inadequacies. All I can do is let go out into the world and, like one's corporeal children, hope it fares well.....or at least, not fall flat on its face.

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