Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Calm

Christmas Eve and all is well. Daughter #3 took part in the annual Christmas Eve mixed quad racing at the rowing club today. It was really atmospheric, the dark water contrasted with the snowy banks and the tops of the Minster towers gradually disappeared into the mist. Everyone was cheerfully decked out in silly costumes and funny hats and threw themselves into the races with enthusiasm. It was a bit parky standing in the snow, but the racers themsleves managed to work up a head of steam. After three lots of three heats, the winners were rewarded with selection boxes and everyone tucked into hotdogs and buns.
This afternoon we went to my elderly parents where we were treated to a lovely curry with all the trimmings, mango jelly, and finally, mince pies and coffee. After a leisurely few hours of chatting we arrived back in York in time to attend the first Mass of Christmas at our local church. It was packed to the rafters, literally standing room only with many people attending that aren't what you'd call regulars....well, they are regular: once a year, at Christmas!!!

So now we are home again: I've decorated the rooms with evergreens, mistletoe is hung above the door, the turkey is thawing, the fire is laid in the grate for tomorrow, the wine is chilling.....

All that remains is a bit of last-minute present wrapping, to be completed when the children are in bed (NOT asleep, that'd be asking too much), and to relax before the onslaught of the day itself. Nine people for Christmas dinner, including daughter #2, her husband and this year's best present so far, my grandson the Bouncing Babba!
Happy Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

The picture shows somewhere I used walk with my Godson when he (with parents and brother) used to live in Fulford (they left York last year).

Today (26th) we had hoped to push my friend up to Rothamsted manor house (now providing residential accommodation for the agricultural research station - but the house is a fine Restoration mansion - with bits going back to the 1500s).

However, melting compacted snow is not something a wheelchair can cope with, so we did the sights of Harpenden instead...

Hope your Christmas Day was as restive, festive and happy as ours..?


Hypatia said... is the river Ouse, where daughter #3 rows (she is actually in the quad. on the left of the photo). It looks magnificently bleak, doesn't it?
Christmas was good, thank you, but the treacherous slipperiness of the paths/pavements/roads around here is limiting our activity, which is somewhat frustrating!