Monday, May 25, 2009

Early Summer....

Yesterday was daughter no.3's birthday. Whilst she spent the day happily playing with her new guitar accessories, dressed in her signature black outfit and drawing manga out in the garden, we spent a more reflective time wondering where the last twelve years have gone......

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in my hospital bed in the early dawn light gazing down on my newest baby, filled with awe and tremendous, tender love. I'd slept sporadically sinced she'd been born just after midnight, the early post-natal hours fortified by Mars bars, tea and Vivaldi's Gloria.

As the sun went slowly down last night we sat in the garden, warmed by the wood crackling in the cheminea, and toasted her health. Little glass lanterns twinkled amongst the vines on the pergola. "In another six years - less than half your life so far" said her Dad "- we'll be celebrating your eighteenth birthday, with the prospect of you leaving home for university, or college."

She reflectively chomped on her crisps "Whatever" she said.

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