Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Easter Garden

Just to clarify a bit about the Easter Garden mentioned in yesterday's blog-post.

I seem to remember that such representations used to be called 'calvaries' although I can find no mention of that. Ours is basically just a terracotta plate - the sort you can buy in garden centres - with half a broken flowerpot affixed to it, which represents the tomb. Then it's covered in earth and a layer of moss. On Good Friday morning, three small wooden crosses (ours were originally made from lolly sticks) are stuck into the mossy mound and a small crown of thorns is hung over the central cross. In the evening, we place a stone across the entrance to the tomb. The tomb remains 'sealed' until very early on Easter Sunday, when I run downstairs and roll away the stone and replace the crown of thorns with white ribbons representing the burial cloths. If possible, I like to strew the moss with tiny blossoms and flowers. When the children were small they were intrigued to find the transformation that had taken place overnight. It didn't take too long before they realised - to their huge delight - that this annual event was regularly followed by an Easter egg hunt, which no doubt rated more highly in terms of excitement!

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