Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Half-Term AGAIN?

Fortunately the half-term holiday has coincided with an improvement in the weather. The prolonged cold snap has given way to much milder temperatures. The birds are super-active in the garden, squabbling over the fat balls hung in the ceanothis bush, and setting the bird table rocking with their constant forays. Having got a rather dull and boring Monday out of the way, we are set to go to the cinema to watch Disney's latest CGI offering over a bucket of popcorn. It may prove to be entertaining. I'm sure the children will think so, even if the elder does affect a world-weary langour that I came to in my late teens (NOT eleven!). Tomorrow she is going to her friend's house for some educational jollity, so I'll have the boy to amuse on my own. That's easy: latte and a giant cookie in Starbucks. Thursday, the children are going round to their Granny's whilst I go swimming with the Pregnant One - hopefully the exercise won't shock her system too much - followed by a Healthy Lunch. Friday generally takes care of itself, with the shopping arriving in the morning, and the husband arriving home by mid-to late-afternoon. Then the weekend (hooray), then normality returns on Monday, with a long trek down to the Midlands for a supervisory meeting on Wednesday. I love having a plan!

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