Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Belief and Non-Belief

If pressed to identify my position on the faith journey, I would probably reply that I was in the abyss between hope and faith. I have long since abandoned the corner of non-belief, which is in effect the flip-side of faith, a faith-shaped hole, the negative image of faith which admits faith as an option, just as atheism admits the possibility of a god to be without.
I no longer feel that it is necessary to pin one's colours to the mast (or in my case even possible), to come out in favour of either black or white, say on the one hand yes, but on the other no. It is completely possible to hold such matters in tension and agree that one does hope that God exists, not be totally convinced that this is so, but act as if it is. Is this intellectual cowardice? No, because it is a far braver act to admit one's ignorance than blithely opt, without irrefutable evidence, for a particular stance. As Socrates stated, wisdom consists of recognising what one does not know. And I at least know that I don't know very much, but rather than let that trouble me too much, I trust that by enquiry and contemplation I will eventually bridge the abyss.

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