Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mrs Strange

I find myself greatly affect'd by the scribblings of Lady Susanna ________ , whose account of the intercourse between Faerie and England I have at this moment upon my night stand. It is proving to be an enlightening volume and one which I find utterly charming, particularly in its language, which is both archaic and elegant. It is not the sort of book that I should generally chuse as my evening's companion, but I am finding it to be absorbing nontheless. The very conceit that there remain transactions between our land and that of Faerie may be utterly ridiculous to some, but I am surprized that I find the notion tolerably logical given the amount of literature that comes down to us from various sources. That magicians should be called upon to aid and abet HM Government seems to me both sensible and wise, for those in power are in the main incapable of any sort of imagination and foresight, which those with a tolerable amount of magical skill could amply supply using mirrors, incantations &c &c. There seems to be some evidence indeed that England's Rugby team spent many guineas to procure a most satisfactory result against our antipodean cousins, although I detect'd some evidence of the spells waning effect as the end-minutes approach'd.

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